Welcome! I’m Angela, and I like to jump around the world.

I’m a fan of well-placed exclamation points, maps, creature features and horror movies, whisk(e)y, the color green, and sushi. I hope I’ll always be lucky enough to live near a coast, but I’m terrified of swimming in the ocean. Organization and efficiency are second nature, and I love to-do lists and productivity apps. My goal in life is to be fully engaged with what I choose to do, be it work, relationships, community endeavors, etc.

If you’re following my blog, I need to introduce you to a key player. Meet Dane, one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, funny human beings (I believe) to grace this planet.

AngelaDane-396 (1)
Dane is the only one I’ll always share my food with

He broadens my perspective daily, and I’m incredibly lucky to call him my partner. We share a love of travel, and together we’ve visited 19 countries and counting.

Additional nuts and bolts of Angela:

  • ENTJ/ESTJ. It depends on my mood and the test.
  • I’m a University of Washington graduate (go Huskies!)
  • I’ve lived in Seattle since I was seven. I still love this city, despite all the growing pains we are currently going through.
  • My first career-building job was with Heartland, a Seattle-based commercial real estate consulting and investment firm. I spent eight, enriching years there.
  • Currently, I’m a Community Wrangler at Automattic. So far, it’s as amazing as the internet proclaims.
  • I am dedicated to social and environmental equity efforts, and serve on a number of local boards and committees, as well as volunteer on a near-weekly basis. It’s an essential part of my identity.

Click on this link to download my resume, updated July 2018. Alternatively, visit the resume page for an abbreviated (and therefore, not as informative) summary.

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