What’s in the bag 2019

I admit, it was neat to see how the stuff I lug around has shifted from 2018 to 2019. The good news is that I didn’t pick up too much more, despite traveling more than ever before.

  1. Aer Fit Pack 2 in Grey. A gift from Automattic when I joined the team last year, this remains my favorite backpack ever. It’s held up exceedingly well, considering that I’ve taken it with me everywhere. Since July 2018, I’ve traveled to 17 different cities, for 19 different trips, for a grand total of approximately 69,106 miles flown, so yeah: this backpack is a superstar. (Years in use: 1)
  2. Plastic File Folder. This time last year, I thought I’d get rid of this. But, I haven’t, and I still tuck all the miscellaneous papers in there, and promptly forget about them. (Years in use: 1+)
  3. Mark & Graham Leather Charger Roll Up in Sky Blue. The color has faded a bit, but it’s still super useful. The only problem is that I now have so many more cables and dongles and stuff and things. Any one have a good suggestion for keeping cables organized while traveling? (Years in use: 1)
    • 3a. iPhone and Apple watch chargers
    • 3b. HDMI/USB-C/USB to USB-C dongle
    • 3c. Headphone jack/Lightning to iPhone thing
    • 3d. 61W USB-C Power Adapter for the laptop, EU plug
    • 3e. US converter for the Power Brick
    • 3f. USB charger
  4. Anker PowerCore 10000. Yep, I still love these things! (Years in use: 1)
  5. 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Still the same, but now with more stickers. (Years in use: 1)
  6. I’m a bit embarrassed about this, but I, for some strange reason, carry around four different headphones!
  7. AIL Madrid Spanish Textbook. Dane and I have been taking Spanish classes at AIL Madrid, and it has been so much fun. I would highly recommend taking classes here!
  8. Moleskine Notebooks. These are new notebooks, since I am a prodigious note taker, but I still love and continue to use Moleskine. The blue notebook is specifically for learning Spanish.
  9. Shiseido Clear Stick SPF 50 Sunscreen. I tend to break out when I wear sunscreen, but not with Shiseido! Plus, this handy little stick is perfect for sticking in my backpack (or purse).
  10. Uni-ball Signo 0.28 Pens. I still love these, and when I lend them out, people still hate them for being way too fine a point. Where my fine point people at?! (Years in use: 1)
  11. Keys
  12. Tom Ford sunglasses and lens cleaning cloth.  I finally got prescription sunglasses and I’m very happy about it.
  13. Michael Kors wallet. Purchased in 2016 and still kickin’. (Years in use: 3)
  14. Leather Pencil Case. Which I use for holding eyeliner and mascara, and a lipstick. (Years in use: 1)
  15. Kindle Paperwhite. I like to read on flights in particular, and this is so much lighter than an actual book. I can load it up with tons of books, so I always have something appealing to read, no matter my mood.
  16. Assortment of simple medications. You just never know when you need them!
  17. iPhone Xs.
  18. S’well water bottle. This 9 oz. size is perfect for traveling! In the few months I’ve had this, it has gotten a bit scratched up, but otherwise it’s held up well. I’m also not the most careful with it either.
  19. Gum. Because bad breath is a problem on long flights and on long days.
  20. A few luxurious items: Travel size L’Occitane hand cream, which, in my opinion, is still the best hand cream if you have dry skin. I was gifted this Éminence Rosehip & Lemongrass Lip Balm SPF 15, and am in love with it. But I’ve always adored Éminence products.

Not pictured:

  • I’m still using my Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera.
  • Biz cards: I tend to just tuck them in somewhere in the bag.
  • Snacks! Still sticking with fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate as my staples.

Years Past: