September 2018 in Review

Hey, Angela, what date is it? October 23rd. Have you completed your September 2018 blog post yet? 

Why yes I have (finally gotten around to this)! 

It was a stellar month with many new adventures. And, as evidenced by my delay in getting this post up, the September rush continued well into October. 

But first, a confession: I didn’t get around to donating my wedding dress yet. I should. Probably in November.

Highlights from my September include:

1 I went from summer hair to fall hair with a fantastic haircut. Apparently it was a bit of a shock, as quite a few friends didn’t recognize me at first! Apparently I’m in the mood for reinventing my look multiple times this year.

2. Dane and I went on some really fun dates. First, we visited the remodeled Space Needle, which I would highly recommend, even to long-time Seattlites. That glass floor is fantastic on a clear day. The other standout was Kamonegi, an intimate, delicious soba restaurant. I still dream about the soba a month later. Oooh and that foie gras tofu? I’m drooling.

3. I FINALLY found a jumpsuit! How long have they been in fashion now? Three years? It’s taken me that long. Don’t tell me that summer is over yet.

4. I went to my first WordCamp in New York City! I had an incredible time and met many wonderful folks.

5. While in New York, I took some time to go see Sleep No More, an immersive theater experience at the beautiful McKittrick Hotel. I had several, unsolicited recommendations for this, and am so glad I went for it. It was terrifying and enthralling, and awoke every iota of curiosity in my body. The expertly made old fashioned was also a definite plus.

6. After NYC, I swung through Boston for some extra girlfriend time with the ever delightful Sophia. Upon arriving in Boston, I walked into Flour Bakery + Cafe for lunch. I professed/sang/shouted my love of chocolate hazelnut bear claws to Joanne Chang, who just happened to be there that day. It wasn’t embarrassing at all. 

7. I got in just around 12 hours of volunteer time in September, but I also started up at the Seattle Public Library as an ELL assistant again! I had really missed working with English language learners this summer, and am thrilled to start again. 

8. At the end of September, I flew to Orlando for my very first Automattic Grand Meetup. This annual company “meeting” is something I’ve been looking forward to since I received my job offer, and the first time I met a number of my teammates in person. During this week, I gave a flash talk about pie crust, we heard from Cheryl Strayed and General Ann Dunwoody, visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and finished off the week with a party at Epcot. It was plenty of fun, but more than anything else, I got to work with my team in person all week. And that was truly inspiring.

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