July 2018 in review

It’s August 1st already. Where has the time gone?! On the other hand, I’m relieved that it is cooler in Seattle today. Yes, I am a weather wimp and I love the rain. During the month of July, I tried to better track my time and celebrate little successes. I was moderately successful in both endeavors. Ten highlights from my July include:  
  1. I’m happy with my career path. My immediate team is comprised of fantastic and very collaborative folks, and I’m also meeting new friends in the WordPress community and across Automattic. I’m learning a ton, loving what I learn, and have so much I’m looking forward to.
  2. I finished reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar, which is reputedly essential reading for open source communities. The book was definitely helpful in providing context for and history on open source, but in researching Eric Raymond, I was disappointed to find that he has publicly shared opinions on diversity that I disagree with.
  3. Speaking of diversity, I’ve been very inspired through participation with two groups that have taken some solid steps during the month of July. I’m proud of the work accomplished thus far by the WordPress community to develop the Diversity Speaker Training Workshop and am taking steps to become a “trainer” in the near future. I’ve also sat in on some very thought-provoking MTS Greenway JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion combined into one marvelous acronym) meetings. While the Greenway has historically worked to provide access to green spaces with everyone in mind, we are intentionally focusing on what equitable access truly means, and what we can do to promote D&I in the spaces we occupy. I feel honored to work with such caring and reflective people across these two organizations.
  4. Dane got a promotion at work! This clearly isn’t one of my successes, but I’m very proud of him, and it was certainly a July highlight for us both.
  5. I’ll be volunteering as a volunteer co-wrangler for WordCamp Seattle 2018! Want to volunteer or be a speaker at WordCamp Seattle? Let us know!
  6. I volunteered around seven hours, which is a bit lower than usual, but I’m taking a break from the library this summer. My favorite volunteer gig this month was with Solid Ground.
  7. I watched a lot of World Cup (hooray for France!).
  8. I blogged seven times! That’s seven more times than I’ve blogged in any month!
  9. Out of four weekends, I was out of town for two, and both for fun. It was wonderful to see friends in Bellingham, and to visit Pittsburgh.
  10. I’ve also been flexing my creative muscles through photography and (gulp) social media. Follow me on Twitter!
  Also, I’m testing out Gutenberg, so any and all changes may happen to this blog. You should try Gutenberg out too, and report back!

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