Personality Shift

There is a lot of criticism for Myers Briggs tests. They are based on Carl Jung’s theories, box individuals into personality stereotypes, and lack objectivity. I sometimes liken  Myers Briggs types to horoscopes: they are vague in their descriptions so that you can see yourself in them, offer general advice for self progression, and build excitement by creating a sense of foresight or understanding.

Disclaimer: I like horoscopes and love personality tests. Perhaps that’s the Aquarius in me. 😉

Which is why I am a fan of 16Personalities, a free, Myers Briggs test. I like it for the graphics and substantial documentation on each personality type, and fill out the assessment approximately every six months or so.

This past week, my type changed! Historically, I’ve always flitted between ESTJ and ENTJ, but now I’m ENFJ. Momentous change and great excitement ensued! Just kidding.

I don’t believe any personality assessment to be definitive, but I do believe that how you perceive yourself, and what you decide to do with that information, matters. For me, I like translating “the being currently known as Angela” into a set of strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and desires. This process acts as an introspective litmus test for where I am in life and helps with goal setting (and oh boy do I love goal setting!).

Thus, I’m spending time on reflecting on why this change happened, and how I can channel my shift in perception of self into future endeavors.

Does anyone else enjoy this kind of self reflection? I’d love to hear about your experience.

2 thoughts on “Personality Shift”

  1. Maybe you’re getting closer to the first goal on your 40 before 40 list faster than you thought you would!

    I love personality tests because as you pointed out, it’s another reflection tool that you can use. I think reflection is so important because that’s the best way to be self-aware and drive towards behaviors and goals that you—your past, current, and future self—want. My current fave reflection tool of the moment is reading or listening to a podcast episode and then writing down by hand my thoughts, which clarifies so many things for me and helps me retain my thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love the idea of listening to podcasts and then reflecting on thoughts evoked!

      I’ve also been thinking about how much I type vs. write by hand, especially because I find that I retain more when I write things down. It’s just so convenient to type everything!

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